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Toddler Sleep Series

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Toddler sleep battles stop here. Toddlers are amazing little humans. Their brains are taking in so much, their imagination is bursting and they are learning to be independent in different ways. But they can be demanding and persistent. There can be a lot of big emotions and testing of boundaries. And when their sleep is not consistent and disrupted, things can really start to break down By the end of this video series, I want you to feel confident and empowered that you can shift your mindset and implement some changes that will support your toddler to sleep, without the battles and nighttime visits. I'll firstly talk you through the science of sleep then move into how you will set the stage for success. You'll learn about three sleep training strategies specific to toddlers and then I'll talk through bedtime battles, separation anxiety, transitioning to a big kid bed, nighttime fears and more,.



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