Change starts here.

Let's set a new sleep foundation for your child and re-write their story around sleep. 

This starts with you.

Before you make any changes, my video series will give you all the education you need to support your child & be consistent when implementing a sleep plan.

Online Video Series

Sleep impacts the whole family.
Don't just hope things will magically change.
With education & support, you can set a healthy sleep foundation for your child.

Take the first important step towards change - educate yourself on the important factors that contribute to good sleep and feel empowered to make changes that will impact your child's sleep for the better. 

My video course provides you with a comprehensive plan. You'll start to lay the foundation for good sleep through the sleep environment, schedules & routines in place. Then I'll talk you through 3 different sleep training approaches that can help your child foster the ability to fall asleep independently. 

It's important you can adjust your strategy along the way as your child develops. So I'll talk you through strategies to handle nap transitions, middle-of-the night wakings, early morning wakings, removing the swaddle, and more.