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Change starts here.

Let's set a new sleep foundation for your child and re-write their story around sleep. 

My video series are for you if:

  • You want to learn about the factors that influence sleep so that you can support your baby as he/she develops.

  • You feel stuck and tired. Your child isn't sleeping well, you've read a bunch of stuff on the internet and just want someone to talk you through how to make changes that are proven to be effective.

  • You want a refresher on sleep (whether for babies or toddlers) in a format that's thoughtful, intuitive and approachable and also gives you flexibility to use a range of strategies.

Online Video Series

"This was well worth the money. I felt like I had the basics on sleep, but Linden's course gave me the extra info I needed to help me feel confident in making some changes to our schedule. Things are much better now."


"I was so lost & sleep for my 6 month old was all over the place. Just not consistent & up often during the night. It was nice to have a few different approaches to sleep training, but I also now realize there's more to it than just sleep training."


"I wish I watched this sooner. Linden's course helped us to make major improvements with our 8 month old's sleep & I'm feeling less stressed about his sleep which is big. The course gave me the full picture on sleep."


Sleep impacts the whole family.
Don't just hope things will magically change.
With education & support, you can set a healthy sleep foundation for your child.

Take the first important step towards change - educate yourself on the important factors that contribute to good sleep and feel empowered to make changes that will impact your child's sleep for the better. 

My video courses provide you with a comprehensive plan. How to set the stage for success, strategies to foster independent sleep & additional troubleshooting based on age and developmental stages.

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